I Love to Hate Toshiba

Friday, July 07, 2006

They really are bastards...

I called again to check on the status.

M: "I'm just checking on my status. Did it get faxed over yet?"
T: "Nope. They started the paperwork yesterday, so it'll be 7-10 business days from then."
M: "What? I was told definitely under two weeks from a lady I spoke to on monday, and a guy I spoke to on Wednesday told me 7-10 business days. Yesterday was Thursday. In my book today is day #4."
T: "Well, they didn't start processing it until yesterday"
M: "I don't care when you STARTED. I was told 7-10 business days. I don't care what happens inside your company."
T: "Well, we told you it takes 7-10 business days, right? And thats how long it takes. We just didn't start it til yesterday."
T: ...silence...
M: "So what day is this?"
T: "Day #2"
M: "Really?"
T: "Yes"
M: "Bye."


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