I Love to Hate Toshiba

Monday, July 10, 2006

I have a cold, and they suck.

Apparently the nice lady I spoke to on Friday was wrong.

The 7-10 business days started Thursday. Despite telling me it takes 7-10 days on monday, and then again on wednesday. The logic for this still escapes me.

I spoke to a supervisor who explained the process further. He said it takes Toshiba 3-5 business days to fax over something to Best Buy (Because it takes 3-5 days to fax a piece of paper).

Then it takes Best Buy 3-5 business days to fax the authorization to the local Best Buy. (Again... faxing is very difficult. There are small fax-machine gnomes that have to carry the pages from one location to another)

So we are on day 3. So by Wednesday, I *should* have heard something from Toshiba. Which means I'll hear something Thursday or Friday.


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