I Love to Hate Toshiba

Monday, June 19, 2006

Spoke to "Mobile Electronics"

I spoke to a secretary at Mobile Electronics.

Talking to anyone should not be this difficult.

The repair-man was not there. I wanted to talk to him about new developments in my TV. She did not understand.

Lady: "So he fixed your TV?"
Me: "No, he looked at it and ordered a part."
Lady: "And he installed it?"
Me: "No. The part just arrived on Friday, according to Toshiba. I haven't heard from him since."
Lady: "But did he install it?"
Me: "No. I haven't heard from him. I wanted to talk to him about an unrelated problem."
Lady: "Well he isn't here. I have no idea when he'll get here. You can call later or leave a message if you want"
Me: "Either is perfectly fine. I just want to talk to him. I can leave a message"
Lady: "Okay what is your number?"
Me: "201"
Lady: "301"
Me: "No. *2*01"
Lady: "201"
Me: "555"
Lady: "301-201-555"
Me: "1234"
Lady: "Waiiiit a minute. How many numbers are in your phone number?"
Me: "Normal amount. 201-555-1234."
Lady: "ohhhhhh. I'll leave a message"
Me: "Thanks"


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