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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Small update

I left my cell phone and receipt home on Friday, so nothing much happened then. When I got home, I found a message saying they needed the receipt. I went to a UPS store and faxed it over.

In other news, I was sitting around, being mad about my TV, and I started thinking about the "always on" fan.

"How much is that f'n fan costing me?" I pondered.

I looked up the power usage of the TV and found that on, it used 240W. In "Standby" mode it used 34W. I'm assuming "Standby" mode is Japanese for "off".

Anyway, 34W is a good amount of electricity. We pay about 20 cents per kW/Hour.


34W * 24 = 816 W/hours per day
816 * 365 days = 297840 W/hours per day
297840 W/hours = 297.84 kW/hours

and finally:

297.84 * $0.2 = $59.56

I am paying almost $60 a year to keep this stupid TV plugged in. If I own this TV for 5 years, that is $300. Simply because their engineers couldn't turn design the TV correctly.

I can't find specs on another TV, but I'm pretty sure this is ridiculous.


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