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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's quiet! (But still not even close to fixed)

So the repair man came today. At 7:45am. He said 8:30am. Not a big deal.

He replaced the "light engine," which he claimed would fix all of our problems. Sure enough, the TV has become considerably quieter. It isn't quiet, but it's a hell of a lot better.

As he was putting it together, I pointed out the dot on the screen and where the "blur" was. He told me it was impossible for it to still be there. And the "blue" appears to have disappeared, but the dot still remains.

They took apart the TV again, and tried to clean everything. Eventually the guy said that the dot was due to a blemish in the construction of the screen. These little panels in the screen got bent.

I would have believed him if it wasn't for what he did next. He pushed down on the top of the TV, and the angle that the mirror was at changed, so the picture moved. AND THE DOT MOVED WITH IT. I tried to explain that if the dot is moving on the screen, then it can't be the screen's problem.

He wouldn't listen.

He insisted it couldn't be anything but the screen. They replaced the light engine, so it had to be the screen. I suggested the mirror, but he said he cleaned that, so "is impossible!".

I don't know.

I let them go. I took a shower. I showed my girlfriend the TV. She commented on how quiet it got. We were both pleased. I turned on the world cup. It looked funny.

Girlfriend: "Why does it look like that?"
Me: "Ehhh it's a foreign broadcast. They're crazy"
Girlfriend: "Try another channel"

EVERYTHING WAS RED. Yes. That is right. Everything had an extremely red tint to it.

Black? FORGET IT. Dark Red.

I called Toshiba on my way to work. The guy said the repair man should fix it since his work is guaranteed for 30 days. I explained how I had little confidence in this man (since he thought a blemish on the screen moved when the screen didn't). The Toshiba guy said to call him back and try that at first.

I called him. He said it had to be the light engine Toshiba sent. He will call me later today.

If it *is* the light engine, I am going to call Toshiba and threaten BBB and a lawyer.


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