I Love to Hate Toshiba

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"I have no information"

I called Toshiba a minute ago to ask about my "standby" power consumption.

The conversation went like this:

Me: "Hi, I have a quick question... it says in the manual that it uses 34W of power in standby mode. Is standby mode just when I have the TV plugged in?"
Toshiba Idiot: "Yes, that would be standby mode."
M: Well, have you heard of the Vampire Slayer Act passed in California?
T: I have not sir.
M: It's been on the news recently.
T: I don't watch the news
M: Well it's a law passed to stop companies from making products that use electricity in "Standby Mode"
T: I don't know anything about that. I'm just told what I need to know for my customer service. What are you getting at?
M: Do you have any idea how much power that uses?
T: No sir.
M: It uses 34W of power. With my electric rate that costs me about $60 a year.
T: I have no information on that sir.
M: Can you verify that is how much it uses?
T: Hold on

On hold for 5 minutes

T: Hi sir. Yes. That is the average power consumption of your TV in standby mode
M: I already *know* that!
T: It says it in your manual
M: I KNOW! I just want to know if it really will cost me $60 a year.
T: I have no information on that.
M: Can you put me in touch with someone who does?
T: I have no information on that.
M: I know you have no information. I want to talk to someone who does.
T: I don't know anyone who has information.
M: Well there must be SOMEONE there who knows what is going on with this.
T: You can go online and search.
M: Where do I go to search?
T: Toshiba.com. Besides that, I have no information.


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