I Love to Hate Toshiba

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Best Buy + Toshiba = Bestiba

I called Best Buy about the possibility that Toshiba will replace my television. I wanted to make sure that my $400 performance service plan is still valid for the replacement TV.

When I got my TV, it was on clearance. They told me they aren't manufacturing it anymore. (Probably a good thing). Because of this, I got a great deal on it.

When I spoke to Best Buy today, the guy told me that in the case of the TV no longer being manufactured, that Toshiba would typically "feature match" to a newer TV.

So I went to Best Buy to scout out what TVs could potentially be "feature matched" to my TV.

The local best buy had 3 Toshiba TVs for sale. One was SERIOUSLY marked down, and the floor model was being sold (and looked AWFUL). The other two were plasmas. (It's probably safe to assume that they won't "feature match" me to a plasma TV)

I spoke to a guy there and he confirmed that the TV was discontinued in February, and they reduced the price from $2400 to $1400 to get rid of them.

I called up Toshiba to tell them that their "local replacement" nonsense might fall apart, and the guy told me that he had no idea what Best Buy was saying and the TV is definitely still in production.

So they might have to ship a TV (the same crappy model) to Best Buy, and then Best Buy would come over and do the swap. Frickin' ridiculous.


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