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Sunday, June 25, 2006


It's late, and I got bored watching my red TV, so I decided to try to record exactly what was bugging me so much. You can't really see the "red" here, due to the angle, but you should be able to hear the 24/7 fan that drives me nuts.

When it starts, the TV is on a normal volume, and the camera is pretty close to the speakers (right below them).

7 seconds in, I turn the TV off.

15 seconds in, I unplug it.

I still haven't received a good reason why it needs a fan running all the time. And tomorrow I'm going to confront them with the $60/year that I will be paying for it. (The TV uses 34-38W in "standby" mode, and a normal fridge/freezer uses about 54W standard!)


At 3:18 PM, Blogger Dustin said...

K.... that video just creeped me out. What the hell are all those noises? I have this exact set and it doesn't make any of these noises? In fact it does make any noise except for a "click" when being turned off.

Oh BTW you may find this interesting. I have my TV hooked up to a UPS and I can see just how much power is being used. These are the results I got.

TV Unplugged - UPS using 77 Watts.
TV Plugged In/Power Off - 101 Watts
TV In "Quick Restart" Mode - 171 Watts
TV On - 302 Watts

So... the TV appears to use about 25 Watts when in standbye.

Interesting your set seems to have so much trouble. Course... you DID purchase it from Best Buy...


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